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justfun on 13:08, 18. Oct, 2013
Question on turn 34 he plays miracle. I find multple errors with that card.

if He plays this card i would have 2 holy vs his 1 holy and i should get benefits for +8 stock. But card couts himself as hand card after his played and its 2 holy vs 2 holy.
If u compare this card with Corpses of Behemot then as u can see turn 34 behemot wont counted as discarded card but as played card.

Second bug or confusing about miracle is that it works like if equal holy both get +8 +2 What i wouldnt never expect as first play. I think this card needs condtion if equal then both gain +8 or +10 text so people wont get confused
Damalycus on 14:34, 18. Oct, 2013
for every similar card with "player with X or <X" like Oasis for example - theres a rule if both players are equal in this condition - then both get reward.

When card with "# keyword in hand" is played it always counts itself too.

Abouth behemoth - it's correct too. It's counted as being in hand for the token number, then it is executing it's power and discards every undead except 1 selected card. It cannopt discard itself, as it's already played. As Auxilia for example. It discards everything except "itself" and 1 selected card.
DPsycho on 14:52, 18. Oct, 2013
Yes, everything is working as described.