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wolfheart on 06:48, 17. Sep, 2013
I would like to refactor and write some code to arcomage. Can u move project to github?
Mojko on 06:52, 17. Sep, 2013
Please write a PM or an email to umage regarding that.
wolfheart on 07:05, 17. Sep, 2013
pmed him how often he logs in?
Mojko on 07:08, 17. Sep, 2013
It seems he hasn't been here for a while. Writing an email is probably a better option (you can find his email in his profile).
wolfheart on 09:03, 17. Sep, 2013
i watched code, its ok not terrbile but not how it should done, alot improvments can be made easyly, but my main consern is disain. Its too dark and not how these days websites should look like. It should be white or bright colors. Also gameplay cards layout should follow screen resulution. If resulution is higer u can display cards bigger and better.
Cards design could be better and cooler. Also cards should show some icon is it common, rare or uncommon.
wolfheart on 09:10, 17. Sep, 2013
It would really cool if somone here is good at design and can make new look design, card design. New design can attract new people. Most people who i have sugested this game just dont even try cuz game, website design is so novice
Fithz Hood on 09:36, 17. Sep, 2013
a professional designer is what arcomage really needs, but it's a huge work for nothing in change.

Mojko on 12:25, 17. Sep, 2013
I agree that the codebase needs refactoring. However, I simply don't have time to spend. Layout can also be improved, however we lack someone who could actually do some serious graphical design.