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jbryant3 on 11:44, 6. Sep, 2013
I'm a tax attorney in the U.S. specializing in corporate mergers and acquisitions. :)
Mojko on 12:26, 6. Sep, 2013
I'm a web programmer specializing in social games for Facebook.
NG_Beholder on 14:27, 6. Sep, 2013
I'm a ERP programmer specializing in MS Dynamics NAV development.
DPsycho on 18:50, 6. Sep, 2013
I'm a teacher.
wolfheart on 13:38, 12. Sep, 2013
php developer over 10 years. Engineering car rental software.
dimitris on 19:49, 12. Sep, 2013
Software developer specialising mainly in Java EE applications.
Fithz Hood on 19:50, 12. Sep, 2013
DPsycho wrote:
I'm a teacher.

I'm a teacher too