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Fithz Hood on 17:09, 20. Aug, 2013
Can you spot the two bugs in this match?
Mojko on 09:28, 21. Aug, 2013
What happened?
Damalycus on 09:41, 21. Aug, 2013
I looked closely once, too bad you cannot set permanent pause in replays, it skips too fast for me.

Harpy queen does not discard minaret?
Fithz Hood on 14:06, 21. Aug, 2013
yep, that's the second bug: Harpy Queen does not discrad Minaret because it's written "+10 tower" instead of "tower +10". The first bug also is about the queen: the Winds she summons aren't merked as "new"
Mojko on 15:22, 21. Aug, 2013
Thanks for reporting.