Free multiplayer on-line fantasy card game

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dimitris on 17:17, 25. Apr, 2013
Fithz Hood on 21:16, 25. Apr, 2013
I'm more about manga but this is interesting indeed. I wonder if I can read them on my kindle paperwhite
DPsycho on 02:57, 26. Apr, 2013
Thanks for this. Several are things I'd actually like to read rather than just grabbing them because they're free.

The site's had some good deals in the past. I nearly bought all of the Firefly/Serenity comics once when they had them on discount.
dimitris on 20:14, 14. Jul, 2014
Free digital Valiant #1's until the end of July.

I cannot recommend Valiant comic series enough. All of them are very good!
DPsycho on 03:01, 15. Jul, 2014
Thanks again; grabbed every one!