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Damalycus on 15:07, 20. Feb, 2013
I cannot find the topic about certain game mode suggestion, where player have a bonus list to choose from before each game.

For example every turn tower+1, or start with dungeon +2 quarry -1 and etc.

What I propose: before you can use powers of those deities - you must earn them first.

1.Global condition
Example: To use "blood for the blood god!" you must have 4 consequential destruction victories.
Example: You can use "sour vengeance" only against an opponent you lost your last game to.
2.Ingame condition
Example: "Horde on the march" you will get 3 random resources as long as you deal damage to your enemy wall or tower. As soon as you stop - resource flow will stop and will not resume.
Example: "Atlantis zeal" For every round you have 6+ Aqua in hand your enemy tower -1
3.Time based global condition
Example: "Cyric's servant" Get at least 3 assassin victories in a week. Get them again next week to have that power next week.
4.Deck based condition
Example: To use "In Arthur's steps" your deck must have at least 3 uncommon siege cards and 2 rare soldiers.
5.Monthly quests
Example: To have access to "Peasants luck" this month win by playing Farm.
Example: To use "Succubi delight" have 3 Succubus in hand while getting resource accumulation victory.

Also besides passive powers granted by deities we can have some of the powers as a card or as a button ingame. You battle your opponent and you press "cleaving maul" if condtitions are met.