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NG_Beholder on 12:25, 13. Jan, 2013
It's been a while since common Frenzy cards were introduced, and I think it's kinda OP in its current state. Now Frenzy is pretty much like Beast, but less hand-dependent, less time-dependent and even less rarity-dependent.
You need 2 Frenzies and 1 turn to trigger a keyword, and 5 Beasts and 2 turns to trigger a token. You get the same 2 additional attack for a common, 5-7 for an uncommon and full power for a rare. So you can just spam-spam-spam Frenzies and this bonus will never end. It's cheap and super fast. I have 34/17 with Frenzy rush deck, something like 13-14 Assassin awards, and most of those 17 losses were to bigbiger who built pretty much the same deck; any other deck wasn't a big problem unless I was very unlucky with starting hand and draws.
I think that Frenzy should work only if you have another non-common Frenzy in hand. Common Frenzy cards in hand should not trigger a keyword. Or revert a nerf to Call of the wilds to bring Beast on par to Frenzy again.
Mojko on 07:09, 14. Jan, 2013
I'm monitoring the situation and I like where Frenzy now is - I plan to keep the current effect. I agree that as a whole Frenzy is a bit stronger than it should be, so I may revert some Frenzy related changes from latest balance update.

I also plan to rework Beast keyword effect to something like this (possibly rebalancing token gains):

- common: effect of quick keyword
- uncommon: effect of swift keyword + highest facility production x0
- rare: effect of swift

and Legend keyword effect to this: raises lowest facility by one if N > M where:

N = #legend + #rare cards in hand (both are counted separately, so a rare legend will add 2 to total counter)
M based on played card rarity (C - 5, U - 3, R - 1)

It's just a draft though, next update is quite far away.
Damalycus on 15:24, 14. Jan, 2013
while i almost do not use beast, I'm already excited to see this implemented
NG_Beholder on 07:17, 29. Jan, 2013
A change like that will require complete rebalance of Mage cardset and keyword as well. It's not like I have any problems with it though - Mage cardset is mediocre at best.
Mojko on 11:10, 29. Jan, 2013
Feel free to elaborate :)
Spoon on 12:16, 21. Sep, 2013
Just an idea I had for Frenzy:

Deals X damage where X is the Recruit cost of the card
Common: If Both neighbours are Frenzy
Uncommon: If one or more neighbours is Frenzy
Rare: If >1 Frenzy in hand

I'm sure there's a more graceful way to phrase this, but I hope you get what I'm saying.
Damalycus on 13:24, 21. Sep, 2013
I like your idea
DPsycho on 13:33, 21. Sep, 2013
Problem with that is a Common in positions 1 and 8 would never trigger unless you made some exceptions (and the description much more wordy).
NG_Beholder on 13:48, 21. Sep, 2013
How about Far sight revealing mechanics treatment: Common triggers if one of its neighbours is Frenzy, Uncommon - if one of its neighbours and their neighbours, Rare - if there is another Frenzy in hand?
sq on 13:28, 23. Sep, 2013
The suggestions here are OK, and I am all for return of the minimum condition (another frenzy in hand) for rare cards frenzy keyword triggering. Rare frenzies have become quite too OP in rush decks