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Myschly on 10:48, 26. Aug, 2012
I'm guessing I'm not the only one here who has a bunch of players I try to have a game with at all times, choosing random deck & not caring about game mode. This game mode would make it more interesting in the long run.

Implementation could be a bit tricky, so I'll just throw out my general ideas & let's see what can work & not. In the examples given I send a challenge to player, always random deck / same deck / choose 3 decks etc:

We choose one game mode, first to X wins.


Random game mode each time, the first one to win 1+ more games in each game mode win the tournament.


Each player chooses one game mode (i.e. hidden+short & visible+long), randomized which game mode every game (theoretically my choice could be 100% of the games), first to X wins.


A game mode is chosen at random, first to X wins.


Whichever form it may take, the main focus is to give more meaning to the games with those we play on a day-to-day basis, as well as ensuring you always have a game going without having to challenge etc all the time.

Edit: Also, the gold coins (never used 'em) could be used to create a prize for a tournament.