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Damalycus on 15:29, 25. Jul, 2012
Every X rounds something good happens to both players. For example : lowest facility +1
Next time it will be a negative action for example: discard 3 rarest cards.

Both effects should be either strongly balanced or equal for both players at the same time.

Also another idea for a game mode - downfall/devolution:
You start with, say 12.12.12 facilities and hand full of commons. Every turn - 1 facility is removed. Start resources are 0.0.0 and tower/wall is 50/150

And finally a rule regarding all conceptual game modes:

You can play X/day or X/at a time games in this particular game mode - that way usual game lobby will stay full despite conceptual mode possible popularity.
DPsycho on 18:48, 25. Jul, 2012
By conceptual game mode, do you mean you make decks from cards in the Conceprs section? That would require that someone actually programs the code for cards to function, and in some cases add entire keywords. That's a lot of work with which to saddle someone. (Not it!)

I like the other two proposals.
Damalycus on 20:54, 25. Jul, 2012
No, I meant every other game mode suggested by people. Like neighboring thread about "no rare mode"