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NG_Beholder on 07:05, 5. Jul, 2012
As we all know, players have 15B/5G/10R at their first turn, plus 1B/1G/1R as compensation for second turn. But what if starting resources could be changed for each deck separately? Something like dropdown list with options like Bricks/Recruits/Gems, Gems/Bricks/Recruits etc. With Gems/Recruits/Bricks selected, for example, player would get 5-6B/15-16G/10-11R at round 1-2.
What do you think? Would that be good or bad for game overall?
Lord_Earthfire on 10:04, 5. Jul, 2012
I believe that this would require a huge balance change for many cards, since some cards were nerfed because of the fact that they could by played at the first turn.

Just imagine a dark templar, a scepter of summoning in a zero cost deck or a zealot played in turn 1. This would make rushes even easier and other deck setups even faster than they are currently.
dimitris on 10:25, 5. Jul, 2012
I agree. I think it breaks the balance. Most of the cards are built around this initial resource setup. Gems are generally considered a more "precious" resource.

In any case if such a thing were to be done, an indication of deck type would be required everytime a new game is hosted, so that other players would know and be prepared accordingly.
NG_Beholder on 10:50, 5. Jul, 2012
Okay, let's make a change. Starting stock is 5/5/5, but you can get 5-9 additional bricks, 4-7 recruits or 3-5 gems, depending of what you select as primary and secondary resources.
Damalycus on 12:29, 5. Jul, 2012
It's not a bad idea, I've seen similar gameplay somewhere, but

what would it effectively change? Lets say you play your beast deck, and I play my Unliving deck. You get more recruits, I get more bricks. We negate each other, as If we'd simply had more stock overall.
Damalycus on 12:39, 5. Jul, 2012
But If we could add an extra facility of choice that would have much more effect. (Although easily negatable and too much "disturbance in the force")
DPsycho on 13:27, 5. Jul, 2012
These are effects that will likely come into play when the deities mode Mojko's talked about a bit reaches development. (I forget what he actually called it, but where each player can choose a bonus effect for the game.)
Mojko on 19:51, 5. Jul, 2012
I don't think this is a good idea. It would make game balance much more difficult. You should look at Deity game mode suggestion, though.