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Lord_Earthfire on 18:10, 3. Jul, 2012
Althought Unexpected didn't played a brigand deck, this duel shows nicely how a steelbeard lockdown is survivalable, altought 2 phoenixes were also in play o.o.

The weakness of steelbeard is that he does not really deal any harm. Sometimes the enemy just needs to let you play some cards to establish his final strike. But still, the main problem is the use of steelbeard in brigand decks. As an utility card, he is balanced nicey.
dimitris on 18:19, 3. Jul, 2012
Ahem... pardon me but how exactly did you countered Steelbeard? Because I don't see such a thing in the replay... :)
Lord_Earthfire on 21:32, 3. Jul, 2012
Its not about countering, its more about surviving. 'i don't see this card as one which can be in its currently state countered, you can only pray for the sake that your opponent loose that much recruits that he is not able to play a finisher effectively, which happened in the replay with the phoenix, giving enough time to win via recources :D

Currently, countering steelbeard is at one point impossible, the only thing that can get you a win is a lucky common draw (like wish) or a recource victory