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NG_Beholder on 12:37, 3. Jul, 2012
The most WTF thing I've ever seen in MArcomage.
dimitris on 12:38, 3. Jul, 2012
Dragon, assassin and collector?
Nice one.
Fithz Hood on 12:40, 3. Jul, 2012
I suppose necropolis is fine now. (anyway pifty's ninth card was more WTF than this)
NG_Beholder on 12:40, 3. Jul, 2012
I did it before using Nature deck, but I didn't see that coming this time. Pure luck.
dimitris on 12:43, 3. Jul, 2012
Lost in necropolis :)
Lord_Earthfire on 17:19, 3. Jul, 2012
I'm just jealous on that hand :D

Necorpolis seems balanced for sure now xD
Spoon on 20:08, 10. Jul, 2012
Hahah, impressive!