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Fithz Hood on 11:17, 24. Jun, 2012
Lately I'm playing with Heros of Ruin for Nintendo 3ds created by Square-Enix. It's a Diablo-like game with nice online features. Every day Square-Enix proposes three daily quest (something like: "defeat an amber golem", "level up in dungeon xxx"...) and every week there is a more difficult weekly quest (this week is "defeat 20000 enemies"). you have 24 hours to complete the daily quests, you have to complete them today, same goes for the weekly quests.

I'd like to have something similar in arcomage, some weekly ora at least monthly quests. yes, we already have awards, but I want more specific quests that could also help the game experience.
some exemples:
Win a game using a common alliance. Reward: 15 gold (cumulable)
Win a game using Emissary of the Afterlife. Reward: Emissary of the Afterlife's foil card
Play against 20 different players. Reward: bonus game slot
Discard 3 rares in a game. Reward: 100 exp point (cumulable)
Use Work in progress ten times in a geme. Reward: Work in progress's foil card

We can use the contest's section to propose those quests.
I'd like to know your opinions and, obviously, Mojko's considerations about implementability
Mojko on 14:24, 24. Jun, 2012
It sounds really good, but it wouldn't be easy to implement. Current awards are hard coded into application code. This feature would require some adaptive system of quests which would change behavior based on current quest settings. Additionally, some management tool is required that would be used to manage the quests on regular basis. The management itself would require some time on regular basis.

It's a great idea and is implementable, however right now, I have barely enough time to handle balance changes and new cards.

I'll definitely keep it in my TODO list though.
Spoon on 22:52, 24. Jun, 2012
Sounds like a great idea, glad to hear it could be implementable eventually.

My only concern would be from quests such as
"Discard 3 rares in a game. Reward: 100 exp point (cumulable)"
If they are not managed carefully, they will encourage "playing wrong" too much. I don't want to be winning games because my opponent discarded all the rares he needed to win. One way around this could be: "Discard 3 rares in a game and win. Reward: 100 exp point (cumulable)"
So yep, that's a thumbs up for me.
Fithz Hood on 22:59, 24. Jun, 2012
Sure, I've proposed the first thing that comes to my mind, just to show how different could the quests be.
If this feature will be really implemented in the future all players could propose their quest/rewards.
NG_Beholder on 08:26, 25. Jun, 2012
I love this idea!
This is something like my achievements system rework suggestion, but even better.