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Spoon on 21:52, 11. Jun, 2012
So, I was a bit bored and thought I'd make a spoof concept. It was vaguely inspired by an unnamed, very old concept that I thought had a horribly long and convoluted description.

Turns out you have indeed implemented a limit on card length and I could not post my wonderful idea. Oh well. Maybe it's better suited to posting on here in any case... ;)

Sesquipedalian Monstrosity

If #Soldier cards in hand > Total enemy tokens and Barbarian tokens are set but opponent does not have Holy keyword set:
Mode 1:
If #Dragon cards in deck > 0, discard all cards with odd cost but even number of resource type and all cards with even cost but odd number of resource types
Mode 2:
Discard card in slot 2. Summon Wind, Catastrophe, Uncommon Aqua or Goblin Flanker
Mode 3:
If New:
Add new flag to this card,
Else: No effect
Mode 9: Reset your password to something really difficult to remember for N days, where N = #Times you have played Sesquipedalian Monstrosity * Cumulative total of round numbers on which it was played

Always: -1 brick.
DPsycho on 22:49, 11. Jun, 2012
I like it. It seems pretty well balanced, though it may need a future adjustment as more Brigand cards are added to the game.

Also, I found an image for it:
Damalycus on 07:42, 12. Jun, 2012
I like mode9 the most
jbryant3 on 12:28, 12. Jun, 2012
I would suggest removing the extra brick requirement.. it makes the card cost too much...
Fithz Hood on 13:59, 12. Jun, 2012
I'm quite sure I have used mode9 with my dropbox account
Mojko on 14:22, 12. Jun, 2012
I would make Mode 9 mandatory.
Spoon on 17:20, 12. Jun, 2012
Thanks for the feedback guys, but the -1 brick effect is very central to the theme of the card and it just wouldn't be the same without.
We will have to rebalance it another way.

Also, do you have a higher resolution version of that image, DPsycho?
Spoon on 17:21, 12. Jun, 2012
I think we'll need to raise the card length limit. Leaving this card out is simply not an option ^ ^