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Mojko on 18:05, 13. Jun, 2009
I'm implementing the card design section, i.e. section where players will be able to make their own card suggestion and actually see them as a real card.

There will also be a new card suggestion mechanism, similiar to new post notification in forum. Therefore I need a simple and small animated picture, which will appear in the top navigation bar (like the book near forum button or envelope near challenges).

There should be a small card image (black and white only) flashing the same fashion as the forum and challenges picture.

Thanks for help guys ;)
DPsycho on 20:48, 17. Jun, 2009

I hope this would be better received than the current blinking box.
Fithz Hood on 15:18, 18. Jun, 2009
I like DPsycho icon. Anyway the icon should not blink when a card is edited, but only when a new card is created. actually I think that those icons should not be animated. I know they are nice but they are annoying for someone who doesn't care about the forum or new concepts. As always the best solution is make it optional. Anyway it's a minor problem.
Mojko on 06:49, 25. Jun, 2009
Nice icon DPsycho, but it's a little too large. It would be nice if the icon is at most 14px high. If I resize it, it doesn't look very good.

But this contest is still open, since my skills with images aren't very good ;-)
JimmyMethod on 07:33, 25. Jun, 2009
Whining about the icon is more annoying than the icon.

Who cares? It's a small little gif? eitherway, it doesn't matter, and it blinds as much or less than the forum icon does. Why are you whining?
planegray on 15:15, 25. Jun, 2009

You need to lose the attitude.
Mojko on 16:46, 25. Jun, 2009
To JimmyMethod:

First you bash other players for not making perfect cards and now this. I really like to hear any criticizm that is constructive, i.e. explains the problem and suggest improvements.

Editing images is not really my field of specialization and that's why I asked other players for help. There is no shame in it. We discuss things here because we want to improve this site and you call that "whining".

You know what? If you are so bothered by our discussion, don't join it. In fact I will make it really convinient for you. You're not joining this discussion any more. I'm going to change your priviliges, so you won't be bothering anyone with your attitude. It's not a full ban, you will still be able to play games, but you will only be able to accept challenges.

After 30 days, I will give you your former priviliges back.
DPsycho on 18:53, 25. Jun, 2009
I hadn't noticed it, but you're right, it is much taller than the others. I might give it another shot at a smaller scale, but I'd have to start from scratch as resizing it wouldn't work very well as you noted. I'll be busy over the next few days, though, so others are free to work off of my idea and improve it if not come up with their own.
X-Factor on 11:25, 9. Jul, 2009
I've used Mojkos white card and reworked it to Marcomage card.
Mojko on 17:25, 9. Jul, 2009
It looks much better then the current one, thanks ;-)