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Fithz Hood on 07:27, 19. May, 2012
i will not buy it 'cause I don't have a PC that can run it; anyway I'd like to know your opinion about this game. I really enjoyed Diablo 2, I hope they didn't ruin the brand with a "Diablo for dummies"
Mojko on 08:05, 19. May, 2012
I got my hands on one guest pass, so if I have some spare time, I'll probably try it out and let you know ;-)
Mojko on 10:07, 19. May, 2012
It seems service pack 3 on Windows XP is required to install the game, so right now I'm below minimum system requirements :( I plan to reinstall my PC, but I don't know when I will have the time, so any Diablo 3 feedback is appreciated.
DPsycho on 13:22, 19. May, 2012
I've played some the past few nights with my wife. It's fun so far, but after playing Torchlight, I feel like I should have more space for items from the get-go.

I'm not concerned with the always-connected thing. I appreciate that steps are being taken so hackers don't imbalance the game for everyone.
dimitris on 12:49, 20. May, 2012
I really hate the fact that you need internet connection to play the game. It simply sucks. I payed 60 euros to play a SINGLE PLAYER game not a f*** mmo.

Anyway, apart from that it's a fun and very addicting action hack 'n slash game (no rpg at all). It's an over-simplified version of Diablo 2. I'm currently playing a demon hunter character on normal difficulty and it's ridiculously easy. I'm waiting to unlock higher difficulties. Nice graphics, lots of different types of enemies and pretty nice dungeons too, though I've expected them to be bigger.

Overall it's a good game, but a bit overpriced I think, and not exactly the game I expected after 10-12 years.

I'd give it an 7.5-8/10.
Unexpected on 18:57, 22. May, 2012
Diablo 2 become much better when Lord od Destruction expansion was relaeased. I think Diablo 3 also needs good expansion in the future. I think basic game is always too short :)and little unfinished.
dimitris on 21:05, 31. May, 2012
Problems again with Blizzard servers...
Retrieving my hero list for ages.......
Unexpected on 07:15, 26. Aug, 2012
First character - Barbarian (lvl 28 - act 4 starting now)
I love this game.