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Fithz Hood on 22:20, 28. Apr, 2012
I think the search button should look for the wanted word also in the keyword field, in this way we could see at once all the proposed cards that shares a keyword. That should also help Mojko in the choice for new cards to implement.
also I personally would like the possibility to divide concepts with a picture and concepts without a picture using a sort button.
Damalycus on 00:37, 29. Apr, 2012
Concepts are very spelling-error prone. If we could choose keywords from dropdown list when adding new concepts it would help a lot.

And also I believe Mojko can search by any string he wants from whole concept data.

update: I would want to see some voting system instead, and if you alter card text - votes are reset back to 0.
Lord_Earthfire on 11:42, 29. Apr, 2012
I would like to see a voting button either. It would help to select concepts, since the community would have a chance then to add feedback to the concept creator.
Damalycus on 22:56, 7. May, 2012
Also It could be used to remove 'bad old' concepts

like - 10 votes = your concept is marked for deletion in 2 weeks, if you change it in any way - counter resets also.

We have a 1000 of concepts ATM.

by bad concepts i mean something like 'common quick zero cost enemy tower -20' and so on

edit: also there could be a "list of the week", randomly bubbled up from the whole concept database, to remind about some 10-20 old concepts.