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dimitris on 18:17, 9. May, 2015
Yes, time limit + disabling simultaneous games is the way to go.
sillenia on 18:21, 9. May, 2015
yes, i was thinking about that, but would prefere something like 3 or 5 days, because i find one day very limiting
dimitris on 18:28, 9. May, 2015
Well the time limit is not restrictive. You can always be more "lenient" and wait more even after the time limit has passed, especially if you know that your opponent can't play for some time. I do this: I have my default time limit to 1 day but I usually can wait for another day or so and only then if my opponent hasn't moved I execute the AI move. So, basically you can extend the time limit to your liking.
Kenaz on 01:33, 10. May, 2015
I sometimes have games where I'll wait a few more days before forcing the AI to take the turn and even then it's mostly just because the game kept auto-refreshing to that game trying to get me to do exactly that.