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DPsycho on 23:55, 6. Apr, 2012
Good Old Games, a digital distribution site that deals in classic PC games packaged without DRM and guaranteed to work on current systems, is having a sale on the Might & Magic series this weekend. This puts individual titles at $2.99-$4.99 each.

Might & Magic Universe 50% off this weekend only

I've bought some games from them in the past, usually games that I already own on disc but for which I appreciate the convenience of being able to install and play without compatibility woes.

Unfortunately, I can't comment on whether there are any difficulties shopping from them outside of the United States. Maybe others can attest?
Fithz Hood on 07:42, 7. Apr, 2012
That's interesting, I'm using a netbook without cd/dvd reader so that site could be useful to me.
Now I try it, let's see if it works for Italy.

Edit: yep, it does work
dimitris on 21:32, 7. Apr, 2012
It's Europe based (Poland specifically) so it works everywhere. I use GOG for more than a year.

Recently they've changed their policy to include newer games also and some 2012 new releases (mostly indie games), so it's not Good Old Games any more.
huwok on 11:29, 8. Apr, 2012
awesome. is it possible to play at least one with linux?
Spoon on 19:53, 8. Apr, 2012
They also have Fallout and some others for free at the moment. Be quick!