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Coolis on 17:11, 13. Feb, 2012
Assasin's award with resource accumulation victory
NG_Beholder on 17:46, 13. Feb, 2012
That stock+... >_<
Lord_Earthfire on 19:23, 13. Feb, 2012
I don'T think that this time, it was not the stock+ cards fault. It was rather the fault of a lucky draw of angel, restoration and residence of gods which made him win that game that fast.

And since there are rare/uncommon combos which leads faster to winning conditions, i rather daubt that these need to change the stock+ cards. Its clear why stock+ cards are more powerfull than facility increaser, since facility increasing just pay off in really long games.

Anyway, normal mode most time relies on rush decks. The one who has the faster rush or the counter against the other deck wins. I appreciate that there are recource accumulator cards which can bring some flavour into normal mode, since you can build good charger/stall decks in normal mode with them.

Stock+ cards are better for normal mode for stall than for long mode, since the most long-mode depending stall decks are better off increasing facilitys to improve their crisis stability and the effect of their cards, since they will survive more game-finisher rares or stock decreasers.
(With stall, i mean decks which accumulates recources while being behind a well defense to accumulate rares to finish their enemy off)
Coolis on 19:23, 16. Feb, 2012
And again - this time without angel and rejuvanation :)
dimitris on 00:17, 17. Feb, 2012
Residence of Gods is OP in long mode. It's not really difficult to get 50/50/50 in turn 20-25.