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GreatEmerald on 20:37, 28. Jan, 2012
This is really strange, the game wouldn't let me play Angel or White Shrine, even when I had enough resources to play them! What's up with that?
DPsycho on 20:45, 28. Jan, 2012
Rare cards are prohibited from play in AI challenges.
GreatEmerald on 11:26, 29. Jan, 2012
I see. So, to put it in TVTropes terms, AI is a cheating bastard :D
DPsycho on 14:18, 29. Jan, 2012
Magnificently so, yes.

The challenges are meant to be difficult enough that most players cultivate a deck just to beat a single AI persona, even if that deck is useless against general opponents for necessarily focusing too strongly on one or two aspects at the expense of others. Quite often, you have to exploit some behavioral quirk to be successful in a situation where a human player would have seen the danger and played differently.

Disallowing Rares (while still allowing you to draw them) is just one way to keep players from getting a lucky break. Consider taking Vulture or something similar to at least get SOME use out of them.