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amaster on 15:36, 8. Jul, 2008
There are quite many new comers who played no or very few games and left for good. Some reasons:
(1) I have no idea how to start. No starter deck. I spend hours to build a decent deck to play my first game. I don't use the "randomize" button because it is very likely to give me a rubbish deck. A page to explain how this system works (challenge -> accept challenge -> go to game page...) would be great.
(2) I don't know how to play better. Newbies, especially those who haven't played card game before, will feel lost. They don't know how to build a better deck, how to master the game. They will be frustrated and leave after a row of losses. Apart from game manual, a page for game tips/tactics/skills would be great.
amaster on 15:36, 8. Jul, 2008
(3) Why the opponent doesn't play its move. They don't realise they need to press refresh to see the opponent move. They don't understand why the opponent doesn't play the card for a long time, so they leave.

Our base is still very small. It's important to reduce the newbie dropout rate so more newbies will stay and play this game. ;)
Sylonus on 05:51, 9. Jul, 2008
I vote a link to the flash game, maybe hosted here if it's open source, I played that before starting Arco, and came in pretty well prepared, even though I had to read all the keywords and such.
Fithz Hood on 10:20, 10. Jul, 2008
I also agree with the link at the single player version, and I also like the idea of a step by step manual. anyway the best way to enjoy (and understand) the game is to start play with a friend (as I done) but i don't think that this could be implemented (smile).
Mojko on 22:43, 15. Jul, 2008
Single player Arcomage? Well, one player suggested that we should also develop an AI that could you play against, but we simply don't have time to do that. The classic Arcomage can maybe found somewhere on the internet, but it's illegal to distribute it here so that's also not an option.
Fithz Hood on 10:20, 17. Jul, 2008
I just discovered that Arcomage was a game in Might & Magic, so now i understand why it's illegal to put a link to a single player version. too bad. Another idea: we can make some explanation videos on youtube and put that link in homepage.
theultramage on 13:01, 19. Jul, 2008
Actually, an ISO image of the standalone Arcomage game is still lying around in one of this webpage's subdirectories >_>;
Anyways, I have no problems linking to abandonware sites that host this game. Also, I know of one or two free/open alternatives that Mojo showed me.

The bigger problem is, where to put the links :)
Mojko on 21:40, 20. Jul, 2008
True, I have some single player versions of Arcomage, that are not made by 3DO. I just forgot that I have them >_<. I will be updating game manual in the third part of this update. Maybe there these links should be located.
amaster on 19:36, 3. Aug, 2008
Yes it's an abandonware and I know the legal websites are still hosting this game so it's very safe, even less we just put the link only. You may put this link in both Game Manual or Introduction.

I haven't played the original Acromage. I played a game called CastleWars and it's an online clone of Ants. Ants is a simplified version of Acromage.

After all this is still one of the big problems:
(3) Why the opponent doesn't play its move. They don't realise they need to press refresh to see the opponent move. They don't understand why the opponent doesn't play the card for a long time, so they leave.

When I played my first game, I don't know it won't refresh itself automatically (very different from some online card games). Lucky that I played with my friend so we found out we had to keep pressing refresh.
Djinn on 08:55, 10. Aug, 2008
Yes, I recall from the original (not sure how original it is) from Might and Magic 7. When you played a card there, you instantly saw it move and heard a noise for it, same with the opponents cards. Anyone that has played that will have the refresh misconception strong.
Mojko on 23:33, 18. Aug, 2008
We added a link for single player Arcomage download to game manual.
tangente on 21:51, 24. Aug, 2008
one more thing I would like to mention: When I first played the game, I was pretty turned off by the design of the whole site. The site looks like it would have been made in the early 90s. If you compare it to other online games, I can imagine that other people will be turned off too and maybe leave instantly. First impression counts I guess.