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Fithz Hood on 22:09, 13. Jan, 2012
Let's buff this one a little: wall +5 at least
Damalycus on 23:31, 13. Jan, 2012
or by adding some of runic soldier concepts currently circulating around
dimitris on 23:33, 13. Jan, 2012
Yeah, like this one :D

[moderator DPsycho: made an active link]
Mojko on 09:46, 14. Jan, 2012
How about Wall: +(11 - N)? The more drunkards are in the Tavern, the more mess they make :)
Fithz Hood on 09:58, 14. Jan, 2012
yes, seems funny
Edruken on 00:23, 26. Jan, 2012
a small buff would be fine, right now useless unless you´ve got too much bricks or nothing else to spend... A +5 wall would be nice too :)
Edruken on 00:52, 26. Jan, 2012
sorry, somewhat bugged O_o
MeCho on 22:34, 7. Jul, 2016
Replace Runic in condition with Horde