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Mojko on 18:51, 11. Jan, 2012
It seems that the AI is locked in a loop with the Globe of Myr. He basically think that summoning rares is a good idea, but it doesn't really help him much. Maybe I should add a custom setting which would let change the summon rare priority. In this case it would be set to 0, because he doesn't need to summon rares.

These stats are currently hard-coded and can't be overwritten by AI specific behaviour.

// misc configuration (special actions)
$misc['play_again'] = 300; // play again cards (Quick and Swift)
$misc['summon'] = 150; // summon rare cards
$misc['discard'] = 250; // discard rare cards
$misc['cleanup'] = 50; // discard poison cards (common cards not from deck)
$misc['poison'] = 50; // add poison cards
GreatEmerald on 20:39, 12. Jan, 2012
Hmm? The AI had nothing else to do, since it had no resources to spare. It was kind of hoping to get a nice cheap card, but apparently was out of luck. It also didn't use the globe until it was absolutely necessary to do that. In retrospect, discarding would have been a better idea (since production x0 is pretty harsh), but then again, if all he got would have been Pegasus, that strategy could have paid off as well.