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andi on 13:46, 15. Dec, 2011
Probably my fastest destruction win ever :)
Damalycus on 18:11, 15. Dec, 2011
if not the fastest destruction in history
Lord_Earthfire on 19:19, 15. Dec, 2011
Really impressive, i have to say

It is the fastest one, since i know there was a discussion how the fastest win could work, it was before the great restriction that quick cards cannot draw rares because it was mentioned that a witcher after a militia would cause a one round victory.

edit: ok i found the post:

edit 2: Ok, there ware already 5 round victorys like i see, so its among the fastest one

andi on 08:36, 16. Dec, 2011
Yes, it could have been a 4 round victory if I had first turn on that one :)