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Damalycus on 09:58, 11. Nov, 2011
Check last 3-4 turns of this ai game. Something clearly is wrong with ai priorities. Instead of killing me he lowers my bricks. First time i get something like this.
Damalycus on 10:10, 11. Nov, 2011
ah, sorry everyone, false alarm. he had only 3 recruits

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Mojko on 10:23, 11. Nov, 2011
I was very surprised by your first post, because when your tower and wall reaches very low levels, the AI recognizes this and will switch into berserk mode and will try to finish you off as the highest priority. Poor AI, if only he had 1 more recruit :)
Damalycus on 10:52, 11. Nov, 2011
but if you think about it - he could save himself by playing -6 recruits.
Or is it also because of the "berserk mode"?
Damalycus on 11:01, 11. Nov, 2011
Yes, instead of lowering my bricks he should lower my recruits and break rare barbarian combo.
Mojko on 12:00, 11. Nov, 2011
That's too complicated process for the AI to handle. Remember the AI doesn't understand the effect of the cards in your hand. The reason why it lowered your bricks, was simple: it believed by lowering bricks under the critical amount would prevent you from building tower or wall, which is fine. It didn't lower your recruits because such reduction would be ineffective from the general point of view (how much % of current recruits supply would be lost). The AI doesn't check if such reduction would prevent playing some card.
Damalycus on 12:06, 11. Nov, 2011
aha, that's a lot to consider.
with all that in mind, i think i'll go for adventurer achievement soon.
Mojko on 12:31, 11. Nov, 2011
Well, good luck. I'm going to work on new version of Horde keyword draft and new cards this week :)