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Arbnos on 18:55, 15. Oct, 2011
Add Summon Legend?
NG_Beholder on 20:24, 15. Oct, 2011
I say no. Bahamut already has the best static attack (considering -wall effect) and doesn't need any additional effects.
Quincunx on 03:48, 16. Oct, 2011
Speaking of Bahamut's attack, why isn't it just 230 attack? You cannot have more than 150 tower currently without winning, anyway.
MeCho on 08:17, 18. Oct, 2018
I was just about to write what the the person above me wrote truly there is no difference in effect and 230 Attack would look better and more intimidating :)

EDIT:If it was attack 150 first and Wall -80 second then there would actually be a difference for it but now its like instead of Facilities +1 its Quarry +1 Magic +1 Dungeon +1