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Fithz Hood on 21:49, 12. Oct, 2011
Do we really need the Rebirth keyword?
It's used only in two cards and it's not supported.
We can simply replace it with few lines in the cards' text:
"If #Burnibg in game>3
summons xxxxx
gems: +16"
DPsycho on 22:06, 12. Oct, 2011
I like it. I like that it's so potent, only two cards use it. I wouldn't be opposed to other wordy effects being reduced to a keyword in future cards.
NG_Beholder on 22:20, 12. Oct, 2011
I don't know if we need it, but it should be counterable with Banish. Now it's stronger, but very specific version of Durable without counter.
Damalycus on 08:01, 13. Oct, 2011
I agree with Fithz.

Another option would be adding more rebirth in the future.
Arbnos on 20:36, 14. Oct, 2011
Damalycus, + good idea.
sq on 09:49, 4. Mar, 2016
I have noticed that rebirth keyword description now reads "if the number of @keyword@ cards is greater than 3", while the algorithm itself actually counts keywords and not cards, so Balrog, which is both burning and daemonic, counts for two cards. I have no problem with that, but I would prefer that the keyword description is corrected
DPsycho on 15:29, 4. Mar, 2016
MeCho on 11:10, 5. Mar, 2016
Im OK with few cards having the keyword it doesnt hurt anyone just to have them and more can be implemented
DPsycho on 14:13, 5. Mar, 2016
MeCho, you're replying to posts that are five years old. ;)