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DPsycho on 21:56, 6. Oct, 2011
Just barely managed to pull off a Titan victory with my Unliving deck (which doesn't have Completion Ritual). I probably should have given up and gone for build, and THEN I should have given up and used them to build my tower back up from 2, but I stuck it out and beat the odds. Was also lucky that the only ones discarded at any time were duplicates.
Fithz Hood on 22:25, 6. Oct, 2011
Nice game, it's rare to see a Titan win in a deck not built around titan cards.
Dioforce should have waited one more turn to play Implosion. that's why I rather play non-hidden games: with the preview button you don't make mistakes like this. (Catastrophe is the most annoying card to draw in a hidden match)