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Mojko on 20:01, 29. Sep, 2011
Now this one is interesting :) The Cyclops basically throws one of your cards at the enemy :D Needs some balancing though.
Damalycus on 20:08, 29. Sep, 2011
Yeah, that's the idea :) you get to fill the enemy's hand with crap, or damage him with your high cost bricks.
By balancing you mean capping damage (max30)?
Lord_Earthfire on 20:11, 29. Sep, 2011
I would suggest at first to make it uncommon (i would assume it is ment this way because of the high cost).

And i would appreciate a cap, 30 is quite low, maybe 48 (Dmg ratio: 1:1,5)

Edit: Oh, i see now that it is durable, ok, then 30-35 is quite well

Edit 2: Oh man, my mathematical skills are quite low today... 23/2 is 11,5, not 16 ;)
Damalycus on 20:13, 29. Sep, 2011
Oh I forgot rarity :)
Very sick today.
dindon on 20:44, 29. Sep, 2011
I love this concept. It's not often that someone comes up with a card like this that's so unlike any other card in the game. Brilliant :)
Damalycus on 20:48, 29. Sep, 2011
The fame, the recognition!
Well it's like word of power, only otherwise :P
antichroust on 19:22, 9. Nov, 2020
wow, this is fabulous concept! :)