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Quincunx on 04:22, 21. Sep, 2011
Intense game. I'm sure I made several mistakes, but the huge outnumbered, followed by the Word of Power to give me just enough recruits to finish DPsycho with 5 tower left (while taking away his one attack card) might be one of the best finishes to a game that I have ever witnessed.
DPsycho on 04:28, 21. Sep, 2011
I checked, and 3 of my 15 commons that I could have drawn from that final discard would have been able to attack the last 5 points for the resources we had. I thought he might play Roc to recover with Runic, but only because I missed the fact that using Word to discard my attacker would also grant him enough recruits to play the Dragon next. Not drawing a cheap attacker there sealed it.
DPsycho on 04:31, 21. Sep, 2011
Interesting spot I was put into there. I needed 231 total defense, but anything beyond that would be wasted once Outnumbered was inevitably triggered, and any discarding card I might draw would be stolen from me before I could deploy it. All I could do at that point was subtly take the offensive.