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Damalycus on 11:05, 17. Sep, 2011
I believe today is is the first day I've got to hear an F word in Marcomage duel :)

And what is your experience in this matter, folks? Or maybe in other games, beyond Marcomage.
DPsycho on 14:30, 17. Sep, 2011
I had a game once against someone who used a racial slur, though it wasn't levied as an insult. I simply didn't continue conversing at that point.

Most of my opponents are either courteous or silent.
dioforce on 18:18, 29. Sep, 2011
Welcome to the Internet
dindon on 18:21, 29. Sep, 2011
I think there was a discussion of this a while back, though I don't remember what the exact outcome was.

Personally, I'm entirely okay with swearing as long as it's not being used in an insulting or abusive way. There's a big difference between "**** you" and "not this ****ing card again!". I would never use that language unless I was playing with someone I knew well though, since you never know what will offend someone's sensibilities.
LordNight on 14:04, 13. Nov, 2011
I feel it's all down to context. And whether or not your fine with it.

My prob is that quite a few of my opponents don't even to take 2 seconds to type in chat "gg" before leaving. I feel that is quite rude but maybe i'm just being a snob or whatever.

On a different note.....
Damalycus on 17:47, 13. Nov, 2011
Your link is inserted wrong
Mojko on 17:59, 13. Nov, 2011
There we go (link corrected) :)
Spoon on 23:31, 29. Nov, 2011
While I understand some people might have a problem with swearing, I definitely do not feel the MArcomage community needs any dicouragement from speech; on the whole we are a very quiet non-chatty sort and any efforts to limit chatting in any way would probably be counterintuitive.

As far as I've noticed, we do not have anyone so overtly rude as to merit a blanket restriction of any sorts on the chat system.

Damalycus on 00:30, 30. Nov, 2011
No no, I'm not even suggesting, just merely doing a sociology-questionnaire thing
GreatEmerald on 21:57, 27. Dec, 2011
Personally I feel that people who swear are being immature, since they clearly cannot grasp the meaning of the words they actually use. And yes, the so-called Precision F-Strikes are fine with me, although it's the best when someone uses a combo of that and an Unusual Euphemism.