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Mojko on 07:25, 4. Oct, 2011
If you buy a foil card it changes the display of the card. If you don't see any change try to refresh your browser cache (press F5 once).
Damalycus on 13:13, 23. May, 2012
I jast had an idea about resetting foils

make an annual event like once a year or twice a year when all players are promted to sell all their features back for gold. (or foils only). That way we get to change our preferences, but not too often.

Also i wander what happens if i have foil version of, say 'dwarf dildo' and with next update card gets trashed or made into something else. Gold gets lost?

I know noone cares about that gold, but still :)
Fithz Hood on 09:40, 14. Jul, 2012
here it is my collection
Maybe we should change the white one, it's not so outstanding, a light silver foil card should be better.
the brick one is cool but it's too similar at normal mixed card.
next I want to foil my titan set
NG_Beholder on 22:19, 14. Jul, 2012
I have foiled Scepter of evolution, Call of the wilds (of course), and now also Renewal and Castle beyond looking glass. And yes, I'd like to see a change to foiled zero-cost cards.
Damalycus on 12:19, 14. Sep, 2012
I dislike the new red foil a lot? Am I the only one?
Fithz Hood on 13:36, 14. Sep, 2012
The previous one was too similar to normal mixed cost cards.
If you have some suggestions show them, and Mojko might use them instead of the actual one.
Djinn on 01:14, 2. Sep, 2014
Sell-back apparently hasn't been implemented-- it might have just been here that I got the idea otherwise.
Also, guessing the reason the previous poster didn't see any change was because they forgot they had the "Old card appearance" setting on like me.

Edit: And I somehow missed the entire second page. Sorry; I had been referring to Aniserg.