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dindon on 19:30, 30. Aug, 2011
So after a while one has more deck slots and game slots than one can really use, and gold just starts accumulating. It would be cool if there were other ways to spend it.

A feature I've been thinking of for a while is the ability to have alternate versions of existing cards which are identical except for having different art (and/or a different border). You would still only be able to have one of that card type in your deck - it would be a purely superficial change.

Maybe between 1000-10000 gold per foil edition? It would be a cool way to show off your veteran status, and just a fun little perk to work towards. We could even give exclusive foil editions for getting certain achievements or milestones.
Lord_Earthfire on 19:32, 30. Aug, 2011
I would appriciate this, since there are so much artworks around the net which fits to different cards.

I would set the cost to 1000, since you cant use a card in every deck to show what you gained and because there are so many cards in Marcomage ;)
Fithz Hood on 23:32, 31. Aug, 2011
Yes, I like the idea of having something else to buy in the shop.
I repropose this color set.
Also what about an achievment you could only buy in the shop?
something like: Trader(500gold) Merchant(2500gold) Simoniac(10000gold)
dindon on 09:38, 1. Sep, 2011
That colour set looks awesome, Fithz! I just hope text can show up clearly on it.
LordNight on 23:24, 1. Sep, 2011
I suggest also game modes, nostalgia decks (ie, the decks from mm7/mm8) Trophies etc
DPsycho on 23:26, 1. Sep, 2011
I don't think game modes should have a cost of admission. There'd be no one to play them at first, and why program and test and balance such a thing just to have it be unavailable to most players?
huwok on 05:59, 2. Sep, 2011
how about if we could bet gold in the matches too?
Spoon on 14:35, 4. Sep, 2011
Sounds great to me, I especially like the idea of betting Gold :)
Mojko on 09:53, 5. Sep, 2011
If you can Fithz, please send me the foil backgrounds for all card cost types. I'll do some readability testing.
Fithz Hood on 11:13, 5. Sep, 2011
I don't have those backgrounds anymore, maybe I have a copy of them on another computer (I could check it tomorrow). Anyway now I try finding them again on the net.
Mojko on 14:31, 5. Sep, 2011
Btw Fithz, now when you have MArcomage installed on your computer, you can easily test new pictures for foil backgrounds if you want. I think the easiest way is to replace current card backgrounds located in 'release/img/card/' 'bricks_bg.png', 'gems_bg.png', 'mixed_bg.png', 'recruits_bg.png' and 'zero_bg.png'. So just rename the foil picture to one of the mentioned pictures and move it under 'release/img/card/'. Note that all pictures have to be in PNG format. After the change just refresh the screen with some cards and you should see how it looks like.
Fithz Hood on 14:33, 5. Sep, 2011
Eh eh, I was already doing it
Mojko on 14:41, 5. Sep, 2011
Yeah, I thought so, but I wanted to be sure ;-)
dindon on 05:23, 25. Sep, 2011
I'm so happy this got implemented! I love my foil Magic spring! :D

My only request would be some way to disable foil for particular cards. I don't necessarily want to be "stuck" with using the foil version of a card forever once I've bought it. Ideally, I think it would be cool if we could toggle foil on and off for each deck. This way, you could make certain "signature" cards for each deck be the only foils (like Moonlight unicorn for a legend deck, or Completion ritual for a Titan deck, and so on). It could perhaps be done with a right click in the deck editor, or something like that. I'd be happy with being able to just enable or disable them globally in the settings menu though.
Mojko on 08:39, 25. Sep, 2011
Such feature would require to store card display settings for each deck for each player. For this reason we don't plan to implement such a feature. Not to mention that this feature would have problems with replays section, because the display data would not be available after the game is finished, due to game data deck deletion (storage optimization).
dindon on 14:15, 25. Sep, 2011
I understand that doing it on a per-deck basis would require some restructuring, that's why I think being able to enable/disable cards globally would be a nice compromise. Of course, if I'm the only one who wants such a feature, it's probably not worth implementing :)

About replays, I don't think it's terribly important that they use foil and non-foil cards correctly in their display.
Mojko on 14:47, 25. Sep, 2011
I think the best solution would be to add a feature to sell your foil back for gold. This way you could "disable" the foil and even undo a foil that you bought by accident.
Damalycus on 14:53, 25. Sep, 2011
For lower price of course, so there's no constant buying and selling.
Like buying 500, selling 300
Mojko on 14:57, 25. Sep, 2011
Well, that kind of excludes my idea to simulate enable/disable foil card. I really don't see any problems with switching foil cards for free.
aniserg on 07:07, 4. Oct, 2011
So how to use foil cards? I just bought it and nothing changed :/