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LordNight on 19:59, 23. Aug, 2011
I love the game Arcomage from mm7/8 and couldn't believe that there was a site dedicated to this awesome game.
But for me there is one problem for me, something that for me is at times, breaks the mood in middle of the game, something that reminds me that this isn't truly Arcomage.

That moment when your opponent pulls out a rare card with 100 or so attack and just wipes you out and destroys what was a closely fought battle up to that point.

So i suggest a card mode that eliminates the rare cards from the deck to prevent this from happening, the original Arcomage didn't have any cards that were as powerful as that and were much more intense for me. The only extra thing that this mode does is that anything that summons a rare card summons an uncommon instead. What do people think?
dindon on 20:39, 23. Aug, 2011
I don't think there's really a need for it. I can see how rares can be seen as having the effect of making the game much more luck-based, but I think most experienced players are able to deal with rares in a fairly reliable way.

There are lots of cards that force the drawing of a rare, or have a high chance of summoning a rare. With my favourite deck, I win lots of games by playing rares - they're usually summoned by Legacy of Barbz though. :)

Similarly, there are lots of ways to discard or steal your opponent's rares, or rob him of the resources he needs to play them.
Fithz Hood on 22:36, 23. Aug, 2011
I agree with Dindon: play more games, develop your ability as player and as deckmaker.
I'm sure you will get used to those killer rares.
Anyway no-rare mode could be interesting, but I'll probably quit it after few games.
LordNight on 10:45, 24. Aug, 2011
You're right about being able to counter a good rare card, i have done many a time but it's that a love the real meat grinders of the original game. I just rather win due to having to grind it out and reduce the luck element and win through good play. Not that i'm saying that people who do win with rare cards don't play well.
Spoon on 21:37, 24. Aug, 2011
I think the threat of a powerful rare card really adds to the intensity of the game; fighting to keep an opponent's recruits below 70 to stop him playing Dragon Squadron (or whatever), while desperately hoping for a discard card is one of my favourite things about the game.

Its a feasible idea and could be fun, but I don't think it will be popular for very long; one of those "well, that was cool. Back to the real game" experiences for most.
Also, a lot of decks will be absolutely useless in this mode, for example Illusion keyword based decks.
DPsycho on 21:40, 24. Aug, 2011
The fact that several cards, as well as keywords, are built on the assumption that there are Rares would make this mode simply not work the way a physical card game would by removing certain cards from the deck. It's the one element I really dislike of the AI challenges, too.
dimitris on 09:37, 18. Jul, 2012
I'd like to have something like this.

I think the game (especially long mode) heavily depends on rare cards, which is fun but after playing some games, all this "wait until you draw a rare" situation gets pretty boring.

I think a non-rare mode will add to the game, and it's already implemented (AI challenges) so I think it won't require a lot of effort to build.