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Damalycus on 11:34, 20. Jul, 2011
I recently realized that barbarian has only 5 common cards. And much more uncommons and even rares. This card is greatin using it with "replace with same rarity cards" and even on it's own.
NG_Beholder on 09:23, 13. Dec, 2013
I want to see this cards reworked.
It doesn't work so well in Barbarian decks - +15 wall to opponent is actually pretty big deal, even for Barbarian keyword. At the same time both wall+ parts give very wide space to abuse it, since it's a zero-cost common card. Cannoneer, Wall shift, plain defending et cetera.
As usual, a couple of suggestions.
1) Remove both wall+ parts.
2) Lower wall gain to +10/+10, add "Replace up to 3 cards in hand with non-rare Barbarians (non-Barbarians first)".
DPsycho on 19:11, 13. Dec, 2013
I don't have a Barbarian deck, but I use it in my building deck. The fact that it summons a Barbarian is usually a detriment, but occasionally useful.
Spoon on 15:25, 16. Dec, 2013
I find it to be really useful in my Barbarian deck. The deck's main strength is being able to ding the Barbarian keyword every turn, which requires all 8 cards. The fact that this a)summons a Barbie, b) helps with my defense makes it great as it is.

Couple with that its synergy with many Barbarian cards such as Northern Scout (Northern Scout for additional bonuses) and their ability to tear down walls like nothing(Amazon Warrior and Devastator, I'm looking at you!)... I'd be sad if this is changed.

EDIT: It's also not true that there are only 5 common Barbarians. I count at least 9.
Fithz Hood on 17:11, 16. Dec, 2013
in july 2011 there were actually only 5 common barbarians. Adding some other common barbarians could be a way to nerf this card. The only thing that I don't like about is that it's easly abused in non barbarian decks. we can make it somewhat dependable on barbarians, maybe with a "if barbarian tokens are set" condition or a "if #barbarian in hand > 3" one. I'm gonna write barbarian just one more time: BARBARIAN!
Spoon on 18:15, 16. Dec, 2013
That is fair enough. Sorry, I didn't see just how old the first post was ;)
Lord_Earthfire on 18:21, 16. Dec, 2013
I would rather say that it is great that i can be easily used in non-barbarian decks. The point with this card is that it is so well designed that it fits perfectly to barbarian decks (given its ability to summon even a rare one at no cost with additional bonuses, then drawback is almost non-existing), but on the other hand it can be played in non-barbarian ones (especially building decks) with a drawback (The summoned barbarian is like a wasted hand slot).

Making this card conditional would turn it into just another boring keyword-only-card... (we don't have that much keyword-conditional cards that can be used effective for other deck types, vampire and post-change elven rogue are one of the few that comes to my mind.)

On the other hand, standstill also raises wall and tower by almost the same amount (ok, 12 to 15, but standstill doesn't summon a barbarian and it gives 4 tower), it's rather strange that i see nothern mountains to be played more often than this card in construction decks.

Edit: So, i don't see why the wall gain should be lowered. It's only superior to standstil in barbarian or aggressive decks, in which it isn't abused, but used like it should. In my eyes, it's more a question of popularity...

[moderator DPsycho: added card link]
justfun on 20:53, 16. Dec, 2013
what i like about this card in build deck that this is only way me to draw uncommon banish cards actually 2 banish barbarinas also 3 barbarian wall cards
NG_Beholder on 10:35, 26. Dec, 2013
2Lord Earthfire:
It's simple: 15 wall for free is more effective to defend your tower than 8. And you can get rid of that Barbarian with Supply units. Northern mountains and Supply units can give you 2 draws (and a Barbarian, which is usually useless), +15 wall and +3 stock - and for what price? 2 turns, 1R and +15 to opponent's wall (which is a non-factor in 99% of cases when you use building or tower- deck).
At the same time +15 to opponent's wall is pretty big when you need to break the wall to destroy enemy tower, even for Barbarian deck. So this card is even worse than old Crypt.
DPsycho on 03:40, 28. Dec, 2013
Huh, combining it with Supply units in a non-Barb deck is a good combo. Never thought of that.
Lord_Earthfire on 11:29, 28. Dec, 2013
Oh ok, didn't saw that combo either... in that case it could need a nerf in the wall gain though
MeCho on 04:04, 7. Oct, 2016
Id like to suggest chaning the Wall +10 & Enemy Wall +10 to Recruits +5 Enemy Recruits +5 yeah it almost becomes a whole diffrent card on itself but i think it would be for the better :)