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jbryant3 on 03:48, 18. Jul, 2011
As the subject states, I am leaving Macromage for a while - probably for good. I deeply appreciate all of the good times had and the many battles fought. Congrats to the dev staff on really revamping and improving the site since my induction a long time ago. You all are a great community of smart and interesting people. I am glad I was able to contribute cards to the ever-expanding universe that is Macromage.

I just don't play anymore and am very outdated on the current decks and keywords. Maybe sometime in the future I'll return...

I wish you all the best in the future and I hope you are able to share this experience with many people, whether through facebook or Apple apps. Good luck!


PS - Special thanks to DP, Fithz, Moj, chemo, and Lord for their constant feedback and games while I was active. Continue playing and evolving - the newbies need guidance from elders! ;)
DPsycho on 03:53, 18. Jul, 2011
Don't be a stranger, man! I look forward to playing you again some day when you have the time to catch up with the changes.
Fithz Hood on 09:19, 18. Jul, 2011
We had great games togheter. I hope you will come back eventually, I will be here ready for a challenge.
Mojko on 10:22, 18. Jul, 2011
Looking forward to your return ;-) Good luck and have fun in whatever you do :-)
Lord_Earthfire on 17:05, 18. Jul, 2011
Have a good time while being inactive and im looking forward for you to come back to MArcomage to fight some exciting battles ;), thank you for the good times and the battles we fought.