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Mojko on 12:25, 15. May, 2011
We are planning to replace all shortcut buttons (for example [+], [D], [E]...) with icon buttons (replace the text with small icon picture).

Small icon pictures are welcome ;-)

For each picture that will be picked for implementation its author will receive a 100 gold reward.

Here is the complete list of buttons to be replaced:

[+] - details shortcut
[R] - reply to message
[m] - send message to user
[challenge] - send challenge to user
[\/] - sort list
[/\] - sort list
[>] - go to
[E] - edit concept
[D] - delete concept
[RN] - reset notification
[+] - expand novel section
[-] - collapse novel section
Arbnos on 14:26, 15. May, 2011
Possible оptional?
Mojko on 14:53, 15. May, 2011
Would you prefer the old buttons?
dimitris on 15:03, 15. May, 2011
This tool can be used:
DPsycho on 15:03, 15. May, 2011
There are going to be some devices, somewhere, current or outdated, that are used by some users and end up having layout problems when the change is made. Probably best to leave it as an option for a while at least until any reported problems are ironed out.