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Mojko on 19:14, 22. Jan, 2009
I would like to have a nice insignia picture for each keyword. For example: for the undead there could be some skull on the picture. Each picture should represent the keyword.

The picture should be small (15 - 20 pixels width and height).

These pictures would be used for two things:

1 - they would be used in the token indicators (when the new token system is implemented)

2 - the keywords on the cards (the text) could be replaced with these pictures. It would be user selectable in the settings, if you want to have keywords as text or pictures
kakerlake on 20:11, 22. Jan, 2009
was bored and painted a few:

flare attack:


kakerlake on 20:36, 22. Jan, 2009
and two more:


KingPirux on 12:36, 23. Jan, 2009
except for holy and barbarian i like kakerlake's pictures and is a good idea :P
viperio on 07:48, 24. Jan, 2009
Here's what I can provide at the moment:

These are icons which I use on my computer. Sorry guys - they are still *.ICO files. I don't have time right now to mess arond with Icon Forge and the likes :(.

Hopefully they can be of some use to you.
Mojko on 20:03, 9. Oct, 2010
I would like to implement this feature, but in the meantime we added new keywords. If you have any pictures for any keyword insignias, please submit them here. Thanks ;-)
Fithz Hood on 21:42, 9. Oct, 2010
Do you need icons also for charge, durable and the other effect keywords?
Mojko on 07:45, 10. Oct, 2010
Yes, all keywords should have an insignia. I think this will save some space, because I can fit up to 4 insignias into a space of two average keywords in a text form. Also note that this will be user selectable option and when you hover with mouse over insignia it will display keyword name.
dimitris on 08:29, 10. Oct, 2010
This is great!


Mojko wrote:
Also note that this will be user selectable option

Why this? Too much configurability. Isn't needed in my opinion.
Mojko on 08:32, 10. Oct, 2010
The keyword insignias will be 15x15 px pictures and that is very small. Some players will prefer pure-text information and I understand that. It's no problem to do it configurable, but I'm not sure what the default should be.
dimitris on 08:39, 10. Oct, 2010
But you will have this which covers user-friendliness alot:

Mojko wrote:
and when you hover with mouse over insignia it will display keyword name.

Anyway, as far as default mode, I am not really sure but since you're going to keep text represantations it may be better to keep this as default, for current users (better transition) and insignias for new players, if that distinction is possible.
Mojko on 08:51, 10. Oct, 2010
Of course it is. I'm concerned about one thing - keywords with value. This value will only be seen when hovering over with mouse.
dimitris on 09:05, 10. Oct, 2010
Couldn't values be displayed next to insignia image in a parenthesis as it is now?
Mojko on 09:29, 10. Oct, 2010
That will not look good and will be confusing I think. Maybe the hover description will be sufficient. Note that if player wants he cards switch to text only mode.
Mojko on 17:41, 10. Oct, 2010
Here is a preview of the keyword insignias. Currently, only keywords that belongs to the card are replaced with insignias. It consumes less space, since all keywords can fit into one line. When you hover over a keyword insignia, keyword name (and value if present) and description will pop up.

I also made a prototype that replaced keywords present in the card effect, but that didn't look good and actually used more space. So, I decided to apply it for card keywords only.

I have a insignia for every keyword, but my skills with GIMP are limited, so any superior pictures are still welcome.
Fithz Hood on 18:06, 10. Oct, 2010
that's what Ive done until now:
when I finish i'll send you a .zip
dimitris on 18:29, 10. Oct, 2010
They look good. Fithz Hood's pics are also very good.
I'd suggest, if somebody has the time and skills, to make the pics fit a little more with the backgrounds of the cards, by adding some transparency maybe? If this is too much, leave it, they're good as they are now :)
Fithz Hood on 18:26, 11. Oct, 2010
I see it was implemented.
am I still in time to propose other insignas?
Mojko on 18:42, 11. Oct, 2010
Sure, I can update the pictures at any time ;-)