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dindon on 04:05, 11. Jan, 2011
I feel like this card is kind of weak. Mask of the Phantasm does something similar for 2 more resources, except:

- It has the Illusion keyword.
- It summons from your hand rather than your opponent's which, on the whole, is almost always a good thing. The cards in your deck were hand-picked to work together toward a cohesive strategy. Your opponent's best cards could be completely useless to you.

Shapeshifter doesn't really have anything going for it, by comparison. Unless you count a deliciously cute little synergy with Confusion.

Any thoughts on how we can make it more appealing? Reducing its price would be boring, but effective.
Lord Ornlu on 06:36, 11. Jan, 2011
No the price is fine. Perhaps we could add Illusion, and give it a stock gain in relation to the summoned card?
dindon on 06:44, 11. Jan, 2011
I don't think Illusion fits. It's more mystical than magical. Besides, illusion already has two very similar cards (Mask, and Mirror strike).
dimitris on 08:21, 11. Jan, 2011
Make it Swift?
dindon on 14:45, 11. Jan, 2011
I like that idea :)
MeCho on 16:15, 28. Mar, 2017
Add Nature :)
Djinn on 07:57, 8. Nov, 2018
I have a small suggestion; keep it in line with Faceless, and give it an effect based on the card it copies. For instance:

If the copied card cost is X, then Y.
X: bricks, Y: Attack: 10
X: gems, Y: Stock: +2
X: recruits, Y: Wall: +10
X: mixed, Y: Tower +5
which meshes even better with Far Sight (which can have trouble vs. gem decks), or

Gain N/4 random tower, wall, or resources, where N = copied card cost.
which is straightforward and hasn't quite been done, or perhaps even

Trigger non-summoning, non-Durable/Cursed, keyword effects of the copied card as though Shapeshifter had those keywords.
which if implemented would make the card quite good on Quick/Swift cards (and also be the only way to trigger Uncommon Flare Blitz but I'm not sure anyone cares).

It seems like Shapeshifter has the potential to do something more clever or interesting than just another keyword.

2019 edit: Shapeshifter is still quite bad.
I gave it another chance, because I had an ideal Far-sight, gems-unusing deck for it. I came to the conclusion that even if this were given Illusion keyword, or Quick, that wouldn't be enough to counteract how Barbz's Pupil is just as good most of the time, and when it isn't any other Illusion card except maybe Eternal Dream would be better.
(Both Quick and something else would flip it into too strong, probably.)

2021 11 edit: I've discovered something; Shifting Mass is better than Shapeshifter— it lets you clone your own cards as well as the opponent's, regardless of whether you're in a hidden or non-hidden game, and it often grabs exactly the strongest card in opponent's hand.
Efreet on 09:41, 5. Oct, 2019
Change cost to recruits and add Nature