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KingPirux on 21:01, 7. Jan, 2009
ummm... well... i don't know where i read it (wich post) but you have some problems with the server capacity.

i offer my server to make a new ... server, i have my webpage that i made to my card game (real life card game) and i have 4 more free slots, i mean, 4 more web page slots, i have 10 gb of disk space and 200 gb of badnwith per month. i had buyed this web service plan because i was planning to sell the other web spaces, but my clients wanted their own server (some of them without knowing what a hell is a server... so, i saved time and payment problems giving it to them for a sertain price, and i still having this server just because it never fails to me and has everithing installed (php, ruby on rails, and a lot others that i don't know what they are) O,O

i don't pretend to move this site, just open a new one with more game slots or whatever do you need, you can install anything you want or need to make it a better place and you can move and do whatever you want inside it. if you are afraid of your php code or anything, you can use my server to upload anithing or anithing you imagine.

well it's just a proposition, what do you think? any questions? o i forgot, you can have your or .net or .anything. the server i use is