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Fithz Hood on 23:53, 15. Nov, 2010
Forbidden: this card works only if it is not in your deck.

forbidden cards are ineffective if they are in your deck, thus they should be drawn only with support cards as monastery, dwarven watchtower...
it's a way to make some keyword stronger (e.g. unliving), and there is no need to modify any deck.

Also it's possible to have chain cards sets. such as:
alpha: next card will be beta
beta: forbidden, next card will be gamma
gamma: forbidden, instant victory

It's not a real keyword: keywords work after cards' effect; this one denies the card effect (so it works before it). for this reason the "forbidden code" should be included in each forbidden card.

tomorrow I will propose some forbidden concepts.
dindon on 00:09, 16. Nov, 2010
I think this is a cool idea. It might be easier (at least for the user) to make it so that you just can't add these cards to a deck in the deck builder, rather than allowing you to put them in your deck but making them ineffective if you do.
DPsycho on 00:56, 16. Nov, 2010
This is tricky since it would require a reworking of the keyword system, since keywords don't activate until after card effects. The simplest way to get around this would be to have the Forbidden effect not be granted by the keyword but to have it coded into each card's effect. The keyword would just be a flag to alert the players to the effect. Inelegant, but possible.

As dindon mentioned, this concept has been suggested in the past as a card type that isn't selectable in the deck builder. I liked that suggestion, and I would lean toward that over making another keyword.
dimitris on 13:26, 16. Nov, 2010
I look at the new forbidden card concepts.
I see that most of the existing keywords are covered, and also some really nice references to mythological creatures (I'd love to see them implemented even without the forbidden keyword).


1. There are no Forbidden Soldiers. Probably you've forgotten that.
2. I think there's a small bias towards Mage-Forbidden combinations with the Exiled Conjurer concept.

Overall, I think that forbidden keyword will ultimately lead in using summoning cards much more. I can't really say if this will be good or bad.
jbryant3 on 13:35, 16. Nov, 2010
While I think this is an interesting concept, I'm not entirely convinced this is a good idea. I think it will lead to even more unpredictability in gameplay and make planning decks difficult. Also, based on the strength of these cards, it seems to me that drawing these cards provides a huge advantage akin to drawing a rare. So overall I'm not sure what to think...

[EDIT: I guess I would rather see a more "traditional" keyword implemented.]
Mojko on 13:50, 16. Nov, 2010
I think there is a better implementation choice for forbidden. Instead of keyword I would just add another data type to each card - "selectable". Only two legal values: yes/no. Cards that would have selectable value "no", wouldn't be usable in the deck editor.
Spoon on 15:45, 16. Nov, 2010
This could mean there would actually be a use for my (so far unachieved) goal of Pegasus - Mirror Strike on the first turn to get "Empty" in my hand :D

Back on topic, I agree with what I gauge to be the general sentiment in here: It's a very intriguing and novel idea, but I'm not 100% convinced it would serve to improve the game. On the one hand, as others are saying, it could increase the random factor in the game making it more akin to just rolling dice. But on the other hand, given that the Forbidden cards are not playable straight away, this would enhance the power of hand manipulation cards (discard, replace, copy etc.), which I find to be a more enjoyable way of playing than a simple "I can build faster than you can attack." sort of game. Players would be forced to find a balance between all purpose useful cards like building and attack, and utility cards to prevent Forbidden cards from being played/restore their own discarded cards back.

But then, there's only one real way to find out, eh? And if everyone does end up hating them, we can always rollback :)

Fithz Hood on 16:21, 16. Nov, 2010
Oh well, anyway a puryfing fire can discard every forbidden.
Lord_Earthfire on 12:22, 22. Mar, 2011
Why does we just add the condition into some cards text: If not in player's deck?
With this, we could add special conditions like:

If not in your deck:
Attack: 10
Else: Attack: 5

Its not like we need to add a new keyword. I mean, this will just empower cards like "Witcher" or "Samurai"
Lord Ornlu on 12:32, 22. Mar, 2011
yeah but decks don't exist as a player conceives them, Mojko mentioned something about this before
Mojko on 12:59, 22. Mar, 2011
Currently it works like this:

When you start a game a copy of the deck you chose is stored in the game data. The ID (a reference to the original deck) of your deck is also stored in game data for statistical purposes (deck statistics). So the game has a copy of the deck available at all times. Note that the actual deck can be modified, but the copy that game uses remains unchanged for the whole game.

Effects such as described by Lord_Earthfire are supported and we already have cards that use such effect (Purifying fire for example). I don't know if you can emulate suggested Forbidden keyword effect with this though.
DPsycho on 18:35, 20. Sep, 2011
[moderator: Deleted new posts at author's request]
Mojko on 22:52, 18. Oct, 2016
I really like this idea and finally we are in a stage where we can reasonably support it. There were many ways how to implement this and after careful consideration I have concluded that the best way would be in form a new keyword: Forbidden. I expect this keyword to be added in the Christmas update.

If a card has this keyword it can't be added to the deck during deck construction (including deck import from file). Drawing cards via card effect will ignore cards with Forbidden keyword by default so they won't be summoned by cards like Messenger. Of course, we are able to have specific cards summon cards with Forbidden keyword by card effect. Additionally, cards with Forbidden keyword can be added to deck during gameplay via card effect as well. This opens up completely new long term strategies that involve upgrading your deck during gameplay.

We could add Forbidden keyword to cards like Searing fire and Purified ashes since both are summoned by card/keyword effect. We can rebalance cards that summon from list of cards by adding Forbidden keyword to some cards on the list. Also, we could add new cards that provide alternative win conditions, like having 15 Forbidden cards in your deck.

Fithz has provided lot of card concepts related to this keyword, so I'll certainly have a look at them.

Feedback is appreciated.