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jbryant3 on 17:10, 9. Nov, 2010
How about we change this card to copy selected non-rare card? That would make it a little more versatile and justify the high price.
dindon on 19:59, 9. Nov, 2010
I've had the same thought for a while. I think this would be a nice little tweak.
Mojko on 12:19, 10. Nov, 2010
By copy, you mean that next card will be selected non-rare card?
jbryant3 on 13:25, 10. Nov, 2010
GreatEmerald on 22:21, 6. Mar, 2016
This should probably reveal the summoned card now.
DPsycho on 04:47, 7. Mar, 2016
GreatEmerald on 12:19, 9. Mar, 2016 fact, it should reveal both cards.