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KingPirux on 19:10, 15. Nov, 2008
well... eee... sounds

you know, like m&m it had some sounds when you played cards of specific actions... and music could not be a bad idea :P you can use heroes of M&M background musics and each one can select the music that wants to listen... that's it :P
Sundancer on 23:15, 15. Nov, 2008
A really great idea!! I'd really like to have the M&M music and Acromage ingame sounds on Marcomage. As long as the rights to the music don't belong to anyone it would be great to hear them again :)
Progressor on 18:31, 17. Nov, 2008
As long as you can turn it off in settings or with a button next to your login name I wouldn't mind. Else I against this, since when I play Arcomage, I tend to listen my own music, and other sounds from my browser would just be annoying. (This is the reason a flash game is bad by definition to me if you can't turn of the sound.)

Somewhat more general question: Is it possible to tell Firefox to kill every sound a site / page might make? Would be nice for this game: pretty funny game to kill short amounts of time, but unfortunately it contains hard blasting sounds, that ruin my superior music.
Mojko on 21:25, 18. Nov, 2008
Sounds... I don't know. I personally really don't like sounds on the webpages except video and music sites.

If we would add sounds, we would also add a setting to turn off and turn on the sound, becuase many players would prefer their own music or no sounds at all.

We may consider it, but I don't think this feature deserves a high priority.
KingPirux on 14:54, 19. Nov, 2008
of course you must put something to turn it off or better put something to turn it on (it starts off) but it will make it quite more exiting that just touch a button and numbers are modified alitle sound or some music background acording to heroes of m&m is going to make it quite more better

besides, there are no legal problems... or did you pay for using de arcomage name and game sistem?
theultramage on 20:26, 19. Nov, 2008
What you describe would require a javascript-ish, ajax-ish high-interactivity engine, which we don't have at the moment :D
Sundancer on 20:53, 19. Nov, 2008
Hmm but a general background sound from the M&M games on the whole site should be possible despite the technical problems?
merchito on 18:48, 2. Dec, 2008
It's possible there would be some Copyright restrictions too, isn't it?

Anyway, in case you need it sometimes, here are the tools to extract sounds and music (or any data) from MM6 and MM7:

(I notice KingPirux refers to Heroes of M&M, which have indeed great music,especially HofMM3. But actually Arcomage is from MM7 & MM8. ---- Just stating the obvious, I know...)