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Progressor on 19:24, 29. Oct, 2008
I like this new feature very much.

However I wold like it even better if you could see there weither the challenged player is online or not, since that is the reason to quickly want to cancel a challenge. (For example, you could make the green box red.)
Fithz Hood on 10:13, 30. Oct, 2008
i was thinking the same. it would be nice also an information on the free slots of the challenged player.
merchito on 12:28, 30. Oct, 2008
It would be very useful being able to see the online or offline status of players in the challenges list.
Often, several players are waiting in the challenges list, who can't be all accepted because of the limited games slots. So, when a slot becomes free, we chose to accept an adversary which is currently online. For that, you have to keep switching between challenges list and players list, checking one by one who is or is not online. T'would be simpler to have the information directly in the challenges list.

Post-Editing: Zut... Just noticed that Progressor made a related suggestion already! I should have posted in his thread. Anyway, note that progressor was rightly suggesting it useful for the outcoming challenges, but I'd personally be more interested to see this information in the incoming list :)
Mojko on 17:17, 30. Oct, 2008
Not a bad idea. It can be implemented. But please before creating new threads, see if there is some related topic already.

I merged these two threads.
merchito on 22:53, 30. Oct, 2008
Promise ! Sorry. Thanks for merging the threads :)