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Progressor on 19:07, 29. Oct, 2008
First: Nice job on the filter.

Second: I noticed it is somewhat conditional in filtering. For ex. you won't find Mana burn when you search on 'attack', nor on 'gems -'. It does have both effects, however in a slightly different way then most cases (Converts all of enemy gems into attack).
Is this a choice, or something that can be improved?
MaskedHalfling on 19:20, 29. Oct, 2008
The filter, as currently written, only looks for explicit "Word +/-", a card like Mana Burn converts gems, so it is a different effect. A future improvement would be to give the player a box that lets them type in a word to search for, but that would be a much more complicated feature. So for now we a nice new filter, that isn't perfect but better than no filter.
Mojko on 17:13, 30. Oct, 2008
Currently this filter just searches for a phrase from the filter options list in the card effect text. If the card contains such phrase then it satysfies the condition. So it's simple as that.

To change it to a textbox where you could write your own text (instead of picking one of the options in filter list) and search for it in the card effect text is very simple modification. The input is modified from a draw-down-box to a textbox - that's all. The functionality remains the same.

I was thinking of this feature before, but I think it is quicker to select an option from the list as to write the phrase yourself.

But on the other hand you can only search for what is on the list.

So it's search power vs user friendliness. Of course both features could be implemented, but I don't know if the users would like it.
Progressor on 21:54, 31. Oct, 2008
(Other example: Don't be hasty with stock -)
I think this drop down menu filter is already very nice. Though the text search filter would really add something at this moment, since some filters are still not possible.

You can't find cards like Draft or Prayer when using the keyword filter, while you obviously want to know of their existence if you make a Soldier resp. Holy deck.
Certain effects types are missing, like Discard, Facility's +/- (For finding Curse / Gateway).
Certain not missing effects applied in a special way like convert into attack things like Mana Burn can be found.

However it's still an idea to add this to the current drop down system. I don't know how hard it is to make the effect filter find Mana burn on Attack, but might it be doable to add these cards manually to be found with the filter?
Mojko on 23:03, 31. Oct, 2008
Masked halfling is already working on Support filter. With it you will be able to select support cards for each keyword. Support card are those that have a keyword mentioned in the card effect text, but don't have the keyword itself. For example Draft, Necromancy...

Facilities + / - can be easily added to the options list. Convert option can be also added to select cards, that have effect based on converting resources.