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jbryant3 on 21:56, 27. Jun, 2010
This card seems very weak on its own, especially compared to other rares. I say Swift is added to this card.

It would not only allow an attack on the same turn as when it's played, but it would sort of fit the notion of swift-attacking elves.
Progressor on 22:04, 27. Jun, 2010
This card didn't even make it in my Alliance Deck. That has to do with wath it summons. Other rare hand replacers give you a very powerful combo card.

Id almost suggest removing the production multiplier, maybe even the keyword and making it uncommon. :-p
DPsycho on 22:59, 27. Jun, 2010
I have this card in one of my decks. I keep forgetting to remove it. It was better before some of the cards it summons were modified a long while ago. I agree that it's pretty terrible.
Fithz Hood on 07:59, 28. Jun, 2010
It's not in my alliance deck either. I think it should give elven marksman and elven princess.
Progressor on 16:10, 28. Jun, 2010
Better cards and keeping it rare would be preferable.
NG_Beholder on 01:30, 19. Nov, 2010
Does anyone use this card now? Is it balanced?
I don't see any good damage from this hand, only massive resource income, especially gems production. But maybe it is what Alliance decks are need - even MORE resources?
dindon on 02:40, 19. Nov, 2010
I use it. It's two rares for the price of one! Warlock is very decent for damage, and Princess of Elves can give you great ways to burn your resources, so it's not all about building stock.
Lord Ornlu on 03:02, 19. Nov, 2010
Plus it's cheap and a good way to discard undesired cards from hand swiftly. Ofcourse some of the newly arrived ones are not that great, but they give you something to play instead of discarding
NG_Beholder on 10:37, 19. Oct, 2011
Long time ago I built a deck, being inspired with Incoming army concept and its discussion.
dindon wrote:
You can already simulate it by taking all replacing rares in your deck, and using scepter of summoning (actually, there are 16 replacing rares, so you get the added benefit of throwing out one you don't want like Necropolis or something). This doesn't seem to have broken the game, though.

I took all cards from list -
Mojko wrote:
"Summons a rare, no keyword, replacing card"

So the list is actually: Architectural improvement, Atlantis, Danai present, Dark horde, Elven army, General's army, Market week, Mountain of faith, Myr's academy, Necropolis, Plan of salvation and Reunion of the tribes.

- and added some strong stock-increasing cards, plus almost all Restoration.

That was an early version of my beloved Restoration/replacement/jack-of-all-trades deck (stats: 275-166, so you probably played against it and know what I mean). Then it was changed many times, lost Scepter of summoning, almost all stock increasers and half of rare hand replacers (just FYI - remaining replacers are Plan of salvation, Danai present, Necropolis, Reunion of tribes, Atlantis and Mountain of faith). It got so many changes (tokens, Restoration as base, additional defense, Wheat farms removal) that I hardly remember the first version.

But I still remember that Elven army was the very first card I removed from this deck, just because the only useful card from replacement was Princess of elves. Pitiful damage, requires high facilities (5/5/5 and higher) to be really effective resource card etc.

Now, with introdiction of Elven market, Elven apprentice and Elven sorceress, this card can be kinda more effective. Add these three cards in list, and remove Elven fighter, Elven archer and Elven marksman. With Elven priestesses, Elven ranger, Elven enchantress, Princess of elves and Elven warlock this would become a nice resource-gaining hand without any pretensions to be aggressive and tries to cosplay General's army.
Of course, it should be also renamed into Elven forest or something like that.
Fithz Hood on 13:39, 4. Feb, 2013
Miriam really wants to live in this forest
NG_Beholder on 14:24, 4. Feb, 2013
Agreed. I would even drop Elven ranger for it.
Mojko on 14:42, 4. Feb, 2013
Sure :)
MeCho on 08:37, 11. Aug, 2015
even though a lot of people in the past bash on the card for being weak its quite powerfull even too powerfull i think at the moment for 1 recruit cost you get 3 rares the amount of resources this card provides is overwhelming
DPsycho on 17:13, 11. Aug, 2015
Sacred forest, Rare 1r
Replace your hand with Princess of elves, Miriam and Elven: enchantress, ranger, priestesses, sorceress, warlock, market

The effects have been again adjusted since we were first discussing it. This is why I include a copy of current card details nowadays when I post.

Of course, this doesn't help for situations when the summoned cards themselves have changed, as we experienced five years ago.
antichroust on 07:56, 17. Aug, 2017
just a trifle, in the card description, when mouse-over on market, it shows info about Elven Marksman
Mojko on 18:53, 19. Aug, 2017
Thanks for reporting, I will fix this in the upcoming update.