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Nemesis on 07:40, 28. Oct, 2008
Could you make an option available to NOT get messages if you won a battle (you will know if you check the games section which is usually the first thing to do. So it is simply uncalled-for.
The same for an accepted challenge.
Mojko on 10:08, 28. Oct, 2008
Yes, that could be done.
Fithz Hood on 14:23, 28. Oct, 2008
i agree with nemesis. I don't like this new feature, make it optional if you can. please.
merchito on 14:28, 28. Oct, 2008
I agree with Nemesis :) It's just redundant information.

(And bravo for the new features implemented, btw, especially the incoming/outgoing challenges list. Great work you do there)
Fithz Hood on 14:31, 28. Oct, 2008
yes, the other features are nice, good work!
Nemesis on 06:29, 3. Nov, 2008
Have to agree. The other updates were quite nicely done. Thanks.
Saff on 06:42, 7. Nov, 2008
Could we have the option to disable all the Challenge accepted and Battle report messages? In just a couple of days I have a huge page full of messages, I know it's just a few clicks but every time I see the icon next to challenges I always think I've been challenged. On second thought, perhaps a separate tab for just messages? I don't know, I guess I just find it a little spammy with all the marcomage messages. Thanks for any input.
Mojko on 08:49, 7. Nov, 2008
Moved Saff's post here - again please see if there is a related topic, before creating new thread.

The message subsection is to be redesigned - these changes I have prepared:

- all filters will be usable at the same time, they will no longer be working exclusively
- new filter will be added - it will hide/show battle reports and challenge reports
- paging - instead of a potentially very long message list, the list will be segmented into pages, each having some maximum number of items (40 for example). You will have the option to select a specific page from the list or "previous page" and "next page" button.

related changes:

- players list will have similiar paging system added
- new settings:
- show/hide battle reports
- show/hide challenge reports
- default option in the players filter

I have most of the changes done, but theultramage is redesigning the presentation layer. This means all changes that are related to user interface must wait, until it's done.

Please be patient.

I'm still thinking, if it is a good idea to add reject text. When you recieve a challenge you can write some text attached to it. So, when someone rejects your challenge he would have the option to write you some text too (maybe describe the reasons, why he rejected). What do you think?
Sylonus on 11:03, 7. Nov, 2008
I think it's a good idea to make decline messages, but, yes I also think the "accepted" and "result" mails are incredibly annoying.