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Fithz Hood on 07:48, 22. Jun, 2010
have you seen the E3 last week?
I can't wait to see 3DS with my own eyes, the lineup is incredible.
yay, offtopic section!
Mojko on 20:54, 25. Jun, 2010
Best trailer presented on E3 -

Can't wait for Deus Ex 3 ;-)
DPsycho on 23:33, 25. Jun, 2010
I'm looking forward to the third Professor Layton game in English and Portal 2.
Lord Ornlu on 01:54, 26. Jun, 2010
Is there gonna be cake?
Lord Ornlu on 01:57, 26. Jun, 2010
New silent hill looks kinda cool, although the graphics are a bit disappointing :(
DPsycho on 03:37, 26. Jun, 2010
No cake. The devs have stated that they're not repeating the same memes of the original game. New features will be colored oozes that alter physics (propelling or bouncing you) that you can manipulate with the Portal gun. Lots of GladOS, though. =D
Fithz Hood on 07:34, 4. Jun, 2012
E3 is coming again. here are the links to follow the conferences.
the time is the italian one

Monday 4th of june:
Microsoft - 19:00 (18:15 Pre Show) or via Xbox Live (only Gold members)

Electronic Arts - 22:00
[url][/link] or [link][/url]

Tuesday 5th of june:
Ubisoft - 00:00

Sony - 03:00 or

Nintendo - 18:00 or