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Grotghash on 03:57, 9. Oct, 2008
I admit that when I first joined a while back I was ignorant, thinking I had an unlimited number of invites. So, I invited everyone I could starting from the bottom inactive players. This means that I can never start any games; I have to message a player or wait for them to invite me... Which gets insanely tedious or I just get impatient.

Is there any way to fix this? Again, I apologize for my ignorance.
garbageonly on 04:40, 9. Oct, 2008
You can cancel the invite if your opponent has yet to "accept" your challenge.
Go to 'Players' section, click on the 'i' icon beside the player you challenged, and you can enter the player's info page where you can 'cancel challenge'
If you have 15(max games right now) under your 'Games' section, you can only wait to finish the games...or until they expire being inactive.
Grotghash on 04:56, 9. Oct, 2008
Hrmn I see. Thanks for the quick response. I'll go ahead and do that. The only problem now is remembering who I sent the invites too.

Thanks! =)
DPsycho on 16:50, 9. Oct, 2008
There should be blue text indicating that you are awaiting the acceptance of your challenge beside any such player.
Grotghash on 18:15, 9. Oct, 2008
Yeah see, thats what I thought. But there isn't any that are like that and I'm only in 7 games (15 games max right?).
Progressor on 21:26, 9. Oct, 2008
DPsycho is talking nonsense, namely: the text he speaks of is red, not bleu.
DPsycho on 00:44, 10. Oct, 2008
You're right, my bad. It's blue when your opponent has yet to leave a completed game, isn't it?
theultramage on 09:33, 11. Oct, 2008
There should be a red "Waiting for answer" in the right part of the player list for each player you challenged. Go to Settings and enable the display of 'dead' players - some players you challenged might not display with the default settings.

An interesting addon would be to have a list of all games, pending or w/e in the Games section. Some redundancy, but with the added benefit of quick access.
Progressor on 15:48, 12. Oct, 2008
I think there should be a nice list of pending challenges @ Challenges. Now it's only used for inward pending challenges, not for outward pending challenges. It would be convenient to be able to cancel them directly from there.
Mojko on 16:20, 12. Oct, 2008
The game creation mechanism is planned for redeisign (ever since the messages were added). There are few deifferences to the current system.

Right now, when challenge is sent an "incomplete" game is created (lacking opponent's name and deck). If the opponent accepts, this information is added and game begins. If he rejects the game is deleted.

This will be replaced with message-based mechanism. A challenge message (also containing new "challenge text") will be sent to the opponent. If he accepts, only then a game will be created.

We have the current system due to historical reasons - we had no message system back then.

Since the challenges will be transformed into message like form, the left part of the "challenges" section will be modified as well (sorting, filters). It will be very similiar to message part (the right part of the "challenges" section). You will have something like "inbox" - all incoming challenges and something like "sent mail" where all sent (outgoing) challenges will be listed, ready to be easily managed.

Also "challenge text" will be added to the challenge message, for opponent to read. "Accept if you DARE" for example ;)